»Fallen Angel 

Two men investigating strange noises in Catalonia, Spain come across what appears to be an unknown humanoid creature crouched in the woods. The figure’s eyes are harshly sunken in and with stumps on it’s shoulder blades resembling wings that were ripped off.

On some real shit, I love you. And that’s why I am the way I am. So please excuse the jealousy, the frustration, and my attitude. I admire soo fuckin much about you but it don’t fuckin matter. Id bend over backwards for you, I’d do so much for you and have… But it needs to stop.. I’m only ruining myself. I put my pride aside for you. I don’t do that for anybody. I hold the door open for you because you know me just as well as the woman who made me. But I also have to keep holding that door open just in case you wanna walk out. But at this rate… It’s going to be me who does the walking.

This is when I fall back.

I’m scared to tell you how I feel about you, because what if I’m the only one who feels that way?